Cockayne Hatley Bus Survey Update: 30th September 2023

As a result of discussions at the recent PC meeting (24th September 2023), along with numerous emails with different interpretations and requests based on the survey, the decision has been made to send no summaries or interpretations of the results to CBC. The recently published summary by the PC has now been removed from this site.

By definition any summary by an individual or group of individuals can carry bias, and the conclusion therefore is that the survey results only are the best way to convey feedback to CBC.

The parish council wish to thank all those who took part, and to the organiser of the survey also. We remain committed to representing all residents of the parish, and we recognise that residents are not always in agreement. We have asked that CBC consider the results and let us now their thoughts going forward, and we will pass on any feedback as soon as we receive it.