Village Allotments

The Parish Council would like to invite all Wrestlingworth residents to let us know if they have an interest in having an allotment. The land to be used is located behind the new houses at Tree Nursery Close, and in order to persuade CBC to invest in suitable vehicle access we need to know how much interest there is in the village.

Please note that although getting allotments available and allocated is still a long way off, we would expect that those who express an interest do have a real intention to take one on should we be successful.

In the first instance please email Catherine at with your contact details if you have an interest. Your details will only be used for the purposes of assessing interest at this time, and to communicate further on the allotments if we get that far.

Many thanks.

W & CH PC.

Winter break for garden waste collections

Winter break for gardenwaste collections 

Kerbside collections of garden waste are suspended every winter. This year, the suspension is for 12 weeks from Monday 4 December 2023 until Friday 23 February 2024, inclusive. Depending on where a resident lives, final garden waste collections will take place either the week commencing Monday 20 November or the week commencing Monday 27 November. Collections will resume from Monday 26 February 2024.   


Throughout the suspension, residents can take garden waste to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). For all waste services, including bin collection dates and HWRC opening times, residents are encouraged to check our website. Households are also encouraged to sign up for our email alerts to receive timely notifications about the resumption of garden waste collections and changes to Christmas bin collection days. By signing up for waste alerts, we can provide an instant notification of changes to collections. This could include last minute changes caused by bad weather, vehicular problems, or other extenuating circumstances.  


We are also encouraging residents to ‘tell a friend’ and to spread the word to their neighbours. A similar campaign will follow for the Christmas bin collection changes.  


Residents only access at Central Bedfordshire Household Waste Recycling Centres  


From 1 November 2023, Central Bedfordshire residents will be required to provide proof of address to gain entry to any of our four Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) – also known as tidy tips. This brings the Council in line with many of our neighbouring authorities who have introduced similar measures and aims to reduce the financial burden on our council tax payers by reducing the number of non-CBC residents using our sites.   


Acceptable forms of ID include a current UK driving licence (photo card or paper licence will be accepted); a council tax bill from the current financial year; a utility bill (gas, electricity or water) which is less than a year old; a letter from HMRC or the Home Office which is less than a year old; current bus pass or a current disabled parking permit.   


We’re also encouraging residents to stay up to date by signing up for waste alerts and to visit our website for further information and reminders: 

Cockayne Hatley Bus Survey Update: 30th September 2023

As a result of discussions at the recent PC meeting (24th September 2023), along with numerous emails with different interpretations and requests based on the survey, the decision has been made to send no summaries or interpretations of the results to CBC. The recently published summary by the PC has now been removed from this site.

By definition any summary by an individual or group of individuals can carry bias, and the conclusion therefore is that the survey results only are the best way to convey feedback to CBC.

The parish council wish to thank all those who took part, and to the organiser of the survey also. We remain committed to representing all residents of the parish, and we recognise that residents are not always in agreement. We have asked that CBC consider the results and let us now their thoughts going forward, and we will pass on any feedback as soon as we receive it.


Upcoming Road Closures

CBC have recently published 2 upcoming road closures which will impact villagers. It is worth noting the overlap of the closures meaning both diversions will be in place at the same time, impacting journeys from the crossroads heading out of Wrestlingworth towards both Biggleswade and Cambridge. Details and links provided below;

Road:                          Tadlow Rd, Wrestlingworth     

Application from:      Milestone obo CBC – 03003008049

Reason:                      Pre Surface Dressing/ Surface Dressing/ Lining Works 

Length affected:        From jct with High St to just before Grange Farm

Date:                           The closure will be in place from 0900-1530hrs from 11th to 13h July

                                    The surface dressing is due to take place from 14th to 16th August

There will be one further closure at the above location for Road Markings to take place from 7th to 11th September from 0800-1800hrs

 Diversion Route        B1042, A1198, A505, Station Rd, Ashwell Rd, High St, Potton Rd

CBC100900 Letter

Road:                          Eyeworth Rd, Wrestlingworth  

Application from:      Milestone obo CBC – 03003008049

Reason:                      Pre Surface Dressing/ Surface Dressing/ Lining Works

 Length affected:        From jct with High St to jct with Sutton Rd

Date:                           The closure will be in place from 0900-1530hrs from 12h to 14h July

The surface dressing is due to take place from 11th to 15th August

There will be one further closure at the above location for Road Markings to take place from 6th to 8th September from 0800-1800hrs

 Diversion Route        Continue on High Street. Continue on Cambridge Road,

Turn slight right towards High Street, Continue on Biggleswade Road,

Turn left towards Sutton Road, Continue on Sutton Lane, Continue on Sutton Road,

Turn right towards High Street, Turn left towards Tadlow Road

CBC100901 Letter

Police and Crime Commissioner Resident Consulation


The Police and Crime Commissioner is consulting with residents of Bedfordshire on:


  1. Road Safety in Bedfordshire – closes 11 June.



  1. Bedfordshire Police Web-Based (online) reporting services – closes 26 May.



We are sharing information about the consultations on our social media pages @BedsOPCC but it would be great if you could share this opportunity or retweet/share our social media posts re the consultations with your contacts and the local community so we can reach all.


We are also hosting a Multi-Faith Networking Event on Tuesday 20 June 2023 at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick, further information including how to reserve your space can be found on our website here or you can email our office at


Thank you in advance.


Kind Regards,


Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Emergency alert system and test on 23 April 

The Cabinet Office has launched a new system that will give the Government and emergency services the capability to send an alert directly to mobile phones when there is a risk to life. A UK-wide alerts test will take place at 15.00 on Sunday 23 April which will see people receive a test message on their mobile phones. The Emergency Alerts system will allow the government to get urgent messages quickly to nearly 90 per cent of mobile phones in a defined area. The system is now ready to be tested across the country following successful tests in East Suffolk and Reading. The alerts will only ever come from the Government or emergency services, and they will issue a warning, the details of the area impacted, and instructions about how best to respond. The Government has produced a toolkit to help councils communicate key messages as part of the Emergency Alerts campaign. This includes some key messages for motorists which may be useful, particularly given some concerns raised in the media by motoring organisations this week. An FAQ document has also been created. Although the Government is strongly recommending that people do not opt out of the service, there are concerns about vulnerable groups and especially those experiencing domestic abuse. There is information on how to opt out in the FAQs, and Refuge has produced a video on how to do this.  

Luton Airport Expansion Plans

There was a Public Meeting in Little Gransden last month to allow residents to express their views about the relocation of the Luton airport holding arrangements and proposed expansion plans.  If you are interested in more detail a good place to start is the article Adam Zerny, our Independent CBC Councillor wrote last year which you can find here:


The meeting was well attended; the main presentation can be read here:


Some of the key points to take away:

  • The review process runs to September 2023
  • Current flight volumes are “just the tip of the iceberg”. Growth to take advantage of under-utilised airspace (time) windows and addition of night flights could eventually lead to 2 aircraft per minute for 21 hours per day
  • The outcome of the review is not a done deal. There are still plenty of opportunities to have your say – don’t assume others are doing this


There is a lot we as individuals can do to express our views. The official channel to use to lodge complaints is the TraVis portal (, or send an email to  You must include your full name, address and postcode for it to be accepted.  And if you are going to complain you must include how you have been impacted, for example an interrupted conversation, being woken up, broken concentration while working from home or interruption to a zoom call, etc.  Complaints without any indication of impact will likely be dismissed.

Ultimately this matter rests in the hands of MPs so if you feel strongly write to our MP at:


Richard Fuller MP

MP for North East Bedfordshire

House of Commons


I am very grateful to James Bonfield for his comprehensive report from the meeting, which I have taken this summary from.


Councillor Andy Ewens

Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hatley Parish Council