Covid vaccination volunteer help requested

Vaccination Volunteers needed for Biggleswade Community Hospital

 Volunteers are playing a critical role in the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

 Can you help at the new vaccination centre at Biggleswade Community Hospital?

 Volunteers are needed to undertake a range of roles, including:

 Car park marshals – outdoor and on foot. Warm clothes necessary (also waterproof when rain is forecast).

  • Front of House – meeting and greeting patients to check they have appointments, may also be outdoors
  • Internal marshals – ensuring the flow of patients though the centre and monitoring the post-vaccination area (a seated area whereby patients wait for 15 mins before they leave).

 Volunteers should be able to offer to undertake a minimum of 4 hour shifts. Rotas are covering 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week.

Volunteers who could commit to a pattern of shifts either weekly, fortnightly etc, are especially welcome.

 Appropriate training, supervision and PPE will be provided to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and patients

If you are interested in volunteering, please email: specifically mentioning Biggleswade Community Hospital in the subject line, and then include your name, contact details and availability in the body of the email.

Dog thefts

Dog Theft Warning

Further to a report of Dog kennels being broken into on Sunday evening whereby 8 dogs have been removed from a kennels in North Bedfordshire, including 1 Black Lab, 2 Cocker Spaniels and 5 English Springer Spaniel, we are urging all dog owners to remain vigilant to any suspicious activity and reminding you of the following –

AVOID leaving dogs in outside kennels if at all possible. If not possible, then make sure the kennels are alarmed – experience tells us padlocks alone will not stop thieves.

Ensure all gates are locked at top and bottom with a shoot bolt and padlock and consider fitting a bell or gate alarm.

Keep an ID tag on your dog at all times.

Never leave your pet in the garden unattended.

Make sure your dog is microchipped and their details are updated so that they can be returned if they are stolen and subsequently found.

There were also 2 attempted dog thefts on Sunday evening in BEDFORDSHIRE as well 1 just across the border in the HERTFORDSHIRE area.

Please remain alert and report any suspicious activity.

Wrestlingworth play area update

Update on Wrestlingworth Children’s Play Area

We are pleased to advise that the children’s play area has now been re-opened.
There are new signs in place to advise on safe usage during the ongoing situation with Covid-19; please endeavour to follow these guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe and we can continue to keep the play area open.

Many thanks

Parish council meetings go virtual

Message from Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hatley Parish Council

Dear Residents,

The next Parish Council meeting on 11th May will, as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, be held as a virtual meeting conducted via a video conferencing facility.

If any residents have items that they planned to raise during the Open Forum session of the meeting, please can they email these to the Parish Clerk, Catherine Dear, at ‘’ and they will be discussed at the meeting & a response provided.

If anyone has a specific issue that they consider they need to ‘attend’ the meeting in order to discuss directly with Councillors, please contact Cllr Robin Barratt on 01767 631418 to discuss arrangements for joining the meeting.

Thankyou, and keep safe and well

Robin Barratt
Chairman, Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hatley Parish Council