Each of our villages now has a defibrillator installed.

The Wrestlingworth unit is located in the Millenium Garden shelter.

The Cockayne Hatley unit is installed at the bottom of the village road, on the side of the brick-built cabinet opposite 21 Village Road.

The units have clear instructions on how they should be used, and are considered usable by the general public without the need for training. If they need to be used, please follow the instructions on the unit housing. Note that they are designed such that no cardiac intervention will occur if the heart being assessed is functioning correctly; this is a built-in safety feature.

As mentioned, training is not planned as it would not be viable to train everybody, and clearly it is not possible to predict who may have the need to use the units.

Please feel free to have a look at the units when you are passing, and feel free to contact the clerk at with any queries.