Parish council meetings go virtual

Message from Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hatley Parish Council

Dear Residents,

The next Parish Council meeting on 11th May will, as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, be held as a virtual meeting conducted via a video conferencing facility.

If any residents have items that they planned to raise during the Open Forum session of the meeting, please can they email these to the Parish Clerk, Catherine Dear, at ‘’ and they will be discussed at the meeting & a response provided.

If anyone has a specific issue that they consider they need to ‘attend’ the meeting in order to discuss directly with Councillors, please contact Cllr Robin Barratt on 01767 631418 to discuss arrangements for joining the meeting.

Thankyou, and keep safe and well

Robin Barratt
Chairman, Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hatley Parish Council

Coronavirus: support

Dear Residents,

Given recent events regarding the Coronavirus the Wrestlingworth Goodwill Fund has been discussing how best we can support elderly and vulnerable people in Wrestlingworth, Cockayne Hatley, Eyeworth and Tadlow.
We are proposing to offer a food delivery service for essential items to people in the villages for those who feel they are unable to get out to local shops.
This proposed service would be:
• For essential items only, think tinned goods, vegetables, rice, meat etc…
• For a weekly shop to be delivered to you Fri/Sat/Sun
• Cash or cheque only on delivery
• For a limited period during the Coronavirus outbreak
We would ask for shopping lists to be provided to us by Wednesday the latest every week and we will then attempt to source the items needed from local supermarkets which offer a click and collect service which are Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. We would then deliver the items to you over the following weekend.
Some important points:
• This service will be reasonable endeavours by the Goodwill fund – we may not be able to get certain items and we would suggest giving us possible alternatives when you give us your shopping list to help us find things you need.
• It should not replace any current options you have for getting food and supplies – this is intended for people in the villages with limited options.
• We may cancel the service with a week’s notice at anytime
In order to gauge interest in this service please could you by Friday 20th March either:
• Send an e-mail to
• Return this letter with your name and address to 30a High Street, Wrestlingworth

If sufficient people in the villages indicate they would like this service then the Goodwill fund will let you know and send out shopping list forms etc.

Many Thanks
The Wrestlingworth Goodwill Fund


Volunteers needed to help with Speedwatch in the village. Please contact Nigel Dodgson for more information.