Parish Council Changes

Parish Council Changes

We have recently seen significant changes on the Parish Council, and would like to advise parish residents on the new structure:

We wish farewell to Sandra Williams who worked tirelessly to enable our Neighbourhood Plan to come to fruition. Sandra was a wealth of information on planning and council regulations, and she resigned from the council in late 2021.

We also wish farewell to Robin Barrett (resigned 11th Feb 2022), who devoted much of his time to various village bodies, including a significant seven year tenure as Council chair. His energies, enthusiasm and hard work will be missed by us all, not only on the Council, but the myriad other committees and bodies he contributed to.

Many thanks to Robin and Sandra for their contributions to the village through their council work. We also wish Robin and Mary all the best as they leave the village.

The new council:

Chair: James Kirkpatrick

Clerk: Catherine Dear

Vice-chair: Vacant


Nigel Dodson, Kevin Puddephat, Frazer Dewey, Andy Ewens, Lorna Chapman, Simon Thorpe.

We welcome our newest councillors, Andy, Lorna and Simon.

Our next meeting will be at the Memorial Hall at 7.30 pm on the 14th March, please feel free to come along.