Luton Airport Expansion Plans

There was a Public Meeting in Little Gransden last month to allow residents to express their views about the relocation of the Luton airport holding arrangements and proposed expansion plans.  If you are interested in more detail a good place to start is the article Adam Zerny, our Independent CBC Councillor wrote last year which you can find here:


The meeting was well attended; the main presentation can be read here:


Some of the key points to take away:

  • The review process runs to September 2023
  • Current flight volumes are “just the tip of the iceberg”. Growth to take advantage of under-utilised airspace (time) windows and addition of night flights could eventually lead to 2 aircraft per minute for 21 hours per day
  • The outcome of the review is not a done deal. There are still plenty of opportunities to have your say – don’t assume others are doing this


There is a lot we as individuals can do to express our views. The official channel to use to lodge complaints is the TraVis portal (, or send an email to  You must include your full name, address and postcode for it to be accepted.  And if you are going to complain you must include how you have been impacted, for example an interrupted conversation, being woken up, broken concentration while working from home or interruption to a zoom call, etc.  Complaints without any indication of impact will likely be dismissed.

Ultimately this matter rests in the hands of MPs so if you feel strongly write to our MP at:


Richard Fuller MP

MP for North East Bedfordshire

House of Commons


I am very grateful to James Bonfield for his comprehensive report from the meeting, which I have taken this summary from.


Councillor Andy Ewens

Wrestlingworth & Cockayne Hatley Parish Council