Speed Watch

Information from Speed Watch surveys from 2019 kindly collated and organised by Ken Ellis:

Volunteers are always welcome, so please contact Ken at ken-ellis1@outlook.com if you can help.

Last year we managed to start 21 sessions; a couple of these were cut short because of the conditions at the time. We could have managed more but the manner in which the rules are now being interpreted, where the road rather than the approved location is the critical factor, has meant that sessions, when we have had volunteers available, have been cancelled. I am trying to have this changed though without much success at the moment,
As in previous years Potton Road provided the greater share of customers with 149 reported out of 1770 that passed the SID, (about 8.4%). We all know that the location and time is important – one session at Mill End yielded 25 reported out of 95 between 2 and 3pm (26.3%). As a contrast, 1 Potton Road yielded 7 out of 334 between 7:30 and 8:30am (2.1%). The figure of 334 was the highest traffic flow recorded in one hour on Potton Road last year – this equates roughly to one vehicle every 11 seconds in one direction only.
We provided details of 37 vehicles out of 1629 on the High Street, (about2.3%). Combining results from both roads we get 186 reported out of 3399 vehicles (about 5.5%). There were 12 sessions on Potton Road and 9 on the High Street. The earliest session started at 7:30am and the latest ended at 6pm with the rest distributed more or less uniformly throughout the day. Regrettably, in my opinion, there were fewer weekend sessions than in the past.
The highest traffic flow was 344 vehicles, in one hour, on the High Street. This figure has increased each year since we started. Traffic flows in excess of 300 vehicles per hour, in one direction, are now common. The fastest speed recorded, along with vehicle details, was 45mph. This occurred twice; once on Potton Road between 8 and 9am and once on the High Street one Sunday afternoon between 1:30 and 2:30.