East West Rail update

Latest from the group:

“CamBedRailRoad prepares to challenge East West Rail routes by Judicial Review. Action Plan Presentation November 6th. The time for friendly persuasion is over, the time to fight has arrived.
With the election called, we believe EWR will announce their preferred route for the rail link from Bedford to Cambridge imminently. And we think it will be via Bassingbourn, isolating Cambourne and St Neots.
CBRR have taken Queen’s Counsel opinion and appointed leading Human Rights solicitors Leigh Day. They give us a better than even chance of overturning EWR in the High Court by Judicial Review.
On November 6th at 7.00 PM at South Farm, Shingay-cum-Wendy, SG8 0HR we will present our strategy and fundraising campaign to Supporters. We are mounting a CrowdJustice campaign to raise funds from the General Public. These funds go direct to Leigh Day. We are also appealing directly to our Core Supporters for pledges to be called in if and when any route via Sandy, Wrestlingworth, Tadlow, Shingay or Bassingbourn is announced. All donations will be matched £ for £ by Shingay-cum-Wendy Parish Company, doubling every single donation.
If you would like to attend, at 6.45 for 7.00 PM, followed by refreshments, please email Info@cambedrailroad.org, all welcome.
,,,,,,,,,and spread the word please! ”

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